Mugga Lane Solar Park

Supply chain contract
  • Year: 2015
  • Method: Sea Freight
  • Location: Australian Capital Territory (ACT)

Accord logistics was awarded the supply chain contract to move 48,000 solar panels from China to the Mugga Lane Solar Park in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) in March 2015 –need the actual date.

The panels supplied would provide the foundations to the Solar Park, and although the establishment is comparably small to other renewable energy plants, the 2.3MW of renewable energy produced would be enough to power 3000 homes throughout the year.

The farm on which the Solar Park was built, was purchased from the ACT in 2016 and Accord and UGL have completed their side of the contracts by delivering the panels to Mount Majura. The project saw an excess of 1000 containers handled, all of which were picked up from China and delivered on site in ACT with zero damage. Accord handled all facets of importation and delivery as well as handling all engineering items relative to the park such as inverters and transmissions.