Collinsville Solar Farm

Queensland power supply network.
  • Year: May 2017
  • Method: Sea Freight

From May 2017 –June 2018, UGL will be working on a project that will diversify the Queensland power supply network. 

The Collinsville Solar Farm is an initiative supported by the Australian Government through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and will be a major source of renewable energy for northern Queensland – forecasted to generate enough energy to power 15,000 homes.

UGL will be the organisation responsible for the transportation of the panels from China, to the solar establishment in Queensland via sensitive truck mode – negotiating dirt roads with no current infrastructure in place with the delicate cargo.

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation a statutory authority established by the Australian Government, is contributing $60 million in finance to support the construction of the Collinsville Solar Farm. UGL supply Ratch Australia [who are these guys] with engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), testing and will be responsible for generating revenue of $83 million over 13 months. The contract also involves operation and maintenance (O&M) services for five years.